Small Stones

Having recently come across A river of stones at I decided that taking up the challenge of mindful writing every day for a month would be a great way to both expand my writing practice and to ignite my dormant blog.

On their website Fiona and Kaspa describe the practice of writing ‘small stones’ as ‘extremely simple and extraordinarily powerful’. And, well, if it’s not, it will be lovely to have a month of captured moments recorded. So, here goes…

Jan 2 Small Stone:

mother earth roars her welcome
the door knocker bangs in response.
their bodies leap to the floor – they know the drill.
they stumble, bleary eyed and alert, through the creaking house
to soothe
once sleeping children’s cries.


2 responses to “Small Stones

  1. Yay – you did it! This post is lovely, and interestingly enough, I am doing the Small Stone experience as well. So far it has been fun though you’re entries are far more poetic. I’m excited to read your posts. Congratulations.

    • Hi Amy, thanks for your encouragement! What has been daunting for so long is suddenly quite fun! That’s cool you are doing small stones too, I think they are such a lovely idea. I tried to find yours – where are you posting them or are you just doing them for yourself?

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