Namaste – (not so) small stone Jan 17

Through this practice, my body
rests like a child and fights like a warrior.
It begins to remember 
that only in this stillness, 
can it source it’s next move.
That only in this silence
can it hear it’s own wisdom.
That only when it lets go
can it find strength.
Each with its opposite
one required by the other.
As it closes it’s eyes
overtaken by darkness
it remembers too
the origin of light.

8 responses to “Namaste – (not so) small stone Jan 17

  1. Mairi Ann Cullen

    Wow! Thank you, Shanee. You have inspired me to start again with my own yoga practice which I stopped too long ago.

    • It is so nice to meet you here in this space, not nearly as good, of course, as the real thing. I have returned to yoga after a couple of years of Pilates, which was great for after babies, I can now run, jump on the trampoline without any ‘problems’! But I love this other aspect of yoga and the half hour relaxation at the end! This post was also inspired by a book I am reading – Thomas Moore’s Dark Night of the Soul.

  2. You know – this will sound silly, but I will share it anyways. I have practiced yoga for several years now, but I often fail to give thought to the idea behind the now-all-too-familiar motions. The second line of this piece has reminded me that the poses are about more than stretching the hips or strengthening the quads! A good reminder of the symbolism. Thank you!

    • Jessica, not silly at all, I am usually so busy trying to hold the pose and not fall over I forget about all this too! But it is one of the reasons I love yoga and have come back to it after a long hiatus. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Interesting that I read this and it immediately spoke to me about the current practice of “awareness meditation” that I’m doing twice daily, and not yoga at all! Mairi Ann told me about your blog, and I’ve just signed up for the daily email, which will be a little blessing 🙂

    • Hi Jo, Wow, thanks for reading and signing up! Thanks for sharing your experience of meditation practice too as I also think what I have written about here is true for any contemplative practice – I experience this in my meditation and my writing too, i just happened to have done yoga and was reflecting on that!

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