Separation – Small stone Jan 19

Painted woman, red on black
Twisted limbs and shifting hues
Barebreasted mother and babes,
it is hard to discern
where she ends, and they begin.



2 responses to “Separation – Small stone Jan 19

  1. Mairi Ann Cullen

    Motherhood! It never seems to get any easier to discern where ‘I’ end and ‘my son’ begins. ‘red on black, twisting limbs and shifting hues’, is exactly how I feel as a mother this morning.

  2. Oh don’t say that, it HAS to get easier! Am glad it struck a chord though. This writing process is interesting as even though I had been struggling with that very experience all day I hadn’t intended to write about it – I was just trying to describe the painting, but it emerged in the words and I felt they captured my experience better than if I had tried to write about it, if that makes sense!?

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