Sunflower – Small stone Jan 20

20120120-215658.jpgScruffy, spiky, sun-yellowed talons
cupped in a hand of green
rise up from your stalk,
like a church’s spire.
There at seed, the beauty
that will lay claim to your whole.


2 responses to “Sunflower – Small stone Jan 20

  1. A beautiful drop of sunshine on this cold, grey morning in Scotland, when I am going through some darkness in my life. It encourages me to reflect on the unfolding of my own life, the potential that was there at my birth waiting to unfold, and which I’ve nurtured pretty successfully. Jo

  2. Thanks for responding with where it took you, Jo. Am glad it brightened up a dull Scottish day a little too. You might enjoy Sunflower Part II as well!

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