Embers – Small stone Jan 23

The time to write
has come and gone.
Words are hard to come by,
dried up and dead,
like the hollow grey twigs
we burned on the beach last night.


3 responses to “Embers – Small stone Jan 23

  1. Mairi Ann Cullen

    Shanee, your ‘hard to come by’ words are a treasure trove to those who read them. Knowing there will be a ‘Throw me to the sky’ post in my inbox each day has helped me get up and out to work each day. Your creativity in producing something profound and connecting each day is supporting me (and I know others too) here on the other side of the world. Thank you for making time to write, even when it’s hard, and for sharing your writing in this blog. I keep thinking of your sunflower in all it’s moods!

    • Thank you! You are inspiring me to keep going! Am on holiday at the moment so a bit tricky sometimes to post, but lots of ‘nature’ to be inspired by. Not sure what I will do after the January small stones has ended…maybe try and do something a couple of times a week, not sure I can keep up with every day, although they do come pretty quickly once I give them my full attention. xx

  2. Shanlee, there is a quietness and deep solitude in your stones that come from your soul through the nature of the world and the memoirs of the mind. Very affirming and thoughtful.

    Today, Feb. 1st I share you with my readers at http://www.napkinwriter.wordpress.com

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