Journeys home – small stone Jan 28

The car snakes round bend after bend
to travel the long journey home.

Grief sidles up to me, like a thief in the night
to steal my breath, and the present moment.

Through the rear-view mirror, time is displaced
as brother and sister become my brother and I.

Like Russian dolls, each generation
a reflection of the last.

I wonder, when is it written 
upon our hearts, or our souls
the time we will depart this world?


3 responses to “Journeys home – small stone Jan 28

  1. I beautifully written small stone Shanee, and so much that is “between the lines”…

  2. I have skipped through your stones, Shanlee. They say the word AMAZING is overused, so at this late hour I am not searching my creative vat for another — my thought is that you are one great poet, to have written these poems, at a pace of one a day, that are so beautiful in imagery and thought and feeling. It would make one think this is easy. I KNOW it is not. You have a rich collection here.

  3. Thank you both so much. Susan (napkinwriter) I really appreciate your such kind words/feedback.

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