(un)welcome visitors

Disappointment and invisibility
paid me a visit today
I didn’t recognize them, at first.
I only saw injustice, standing at the door
with hard done by,
so I invited them in.

They were later joined 
by anger and frustration,
not ones to miss such a gathering.
We sat for awhile,
I couldn’t really get a word in,
and they didn’t look like they were budging.
It wasn’t long until
I felt I’d had enough of them,
to last a lifetime.

So, I went back to the door
to see if I’d missed anyone,
and there they were
waiting patiently all along
for me to invite them in.
I sat with them awhile, too,
listening to their complaints,
to their sadness and pain,
their fear and worry.

It was strange,
after I’d listened a little,
really sat with them,
they kind of disappeared,
they didn’t really want to hang about,
‘just a quick visit’ they said,
once they were sure
they had my attention.
Funny, when I turned around
all the rest had left as well.


2 responses to “(un)welcome visitors

  1. Mairi Ann Cullen

    Ah, Shanee, you have done it again. In writing so honestly and clearly about your own ‘stuff’, you have put into words exactly my ‘stuff’ too. I love the metaphor of emotions as visitors that we choose to invite in or not. Aso the insight about how long we sit and converse with the negative emotions and how we cling on to their company – when, if only we paid attention to the hurt underneath for just a short while, these negative, destructive emotions quietly leave of their own accord. If only I could remember this all the time!

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