Jumping back in the river

“Poetry calls us to pause.  There is so much we overlook, while the abundance around us continues to shimmer, on it’s own.”
Naomi Shihab Nye

I was struck by this quote upon reading it yesterday and realized how much I was missing ‘pausing’ to write my daily small stone.  Since finishing the River of Stones challenge for the month of January, life has taken over again and I have neglected to pause, notice and write the ‘shimmer of abundance’ that is all around.  I can’t guarantee a stone a day, but I aim to step back in the river and watch where it winds.  

Little boy snoring
fights for ear space
over the bang, whistle, bang
of the far-off festival finishing.

One response to “Jumping back in the river

  1. I agree – if we aren’t intentional, life can easily knock us out of the right now. I wrote today, and before I started writing, I wrote a small stone, the first one in a few weeks. It felt good.
    Thanks for sharing.

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