22 February

Today, a city remembers.
Solitary flowers rise
from old road-worthy vases,
a sign now of hope, or
new direction, perhaps,
like a Phoenix rising
from the ashes.

Today, a city remembers,
enveloped in a sombre shadow,
like the choking dust
of that fateful day
one year ago.

Today, a city remembers,
it is as if time has stood still,
or the year that has been
is rewound, like a clock.
To return us
(as only anniversaries can)
to the place,
and the time where we stood,
when the earth shook
us into terror
and despair.

Today a city remembers
185 departed souls.
The cicadas shrill
their song, while the shrouded sun
is in mourning, too.
Balloons and butterflies,
red, black, and orange,
are surrendered skyward,
from one place
into the forever unknown.

6 responses to “22 February

  1. My heart goes out to all of you in Christchurch as you remember this day.

  2. We remember with you and hold you in our prayers from across the Tasman.

  3. We’ve been thinking of you all in Christchurch over here too, Shanee. Such a hard anniversay – and yet, as you say, signs of hope are there, including the amazing resilience of so many people who have chosen to stay. Sending love.

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