Girls can do anything,
they said,
on A4 posters slung
around old
’80s classrooms
seducing our eager bodies
into believing
we were invincible.

You can have it all
they said
with their ’80s shoulder pads
broadening their
slimming their bottom
lines, making out
like those who
ruled the world.

Can you come
to camp, they said,
on this school trip, what’s
for dinner, did you sign
my form, make my lunch,
find my shoes, love
me unconditionally?

Did you answer
those emails, pay
those bills, mark
those assignments, work
your 40 plus hours, but don’t
switch off your email,
they said.

How come, they say,
you’re so busy
out of breath
crying in the bathtub
the edge of reason?

Why don’t you just
get more sleep
take a day off
start a fitness regime
drink green smoothies
do more yoga
work less, do less, stress less,
they say,

as if they somehow knew,
but didn’t really
know at all, that the
not so secret answer
to breaking
that grim and gritty grasp
of capitalism,
lay in and around
the collective
curves and contours,
of that fierce and aching
of all the world’s

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9 responses to “Revolution

  1. Oh Shanee, you’ve done it again. Written the words for us all. This should become the touchstone for the real revolution – the ‘telling it how it is’ one. I am so glad and appreciative that you started posting again this year.

  2. You take my breath away Shanee. If I had not already self published my book, I would ask your permission to re-print this poem within those pages. Thank you for voicing a cry for women everywhere struggling to meet the demands made of them. May we learn to ask for and receive the compassion and self care we deserve.

  3. I am also glad you’ve started posting again. I love these touchstones too, and the chance to have a brief virtual encounter with my good friend Mairi Ann. Today’s post reminds me of that bitter observation that “the have-it-all dream turned into the do-it-all nightmare”. Blessings to all the women managing their stressful lives with grace and good humour.

  4. Shanee – this poem is perfect and strong and heartbreaking all at once. I love it. Thanks for posting and sharing.

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